Top Criteria When Choosing A Staffing Agency

Recruitment is a crucial part of a company as it ensures that all positions are filled to make work more efficient and to make sure that proper services are provided. Big companies are very keen on this aspect as they want to have the best hires to fill key positions.

The Human Resources is task to take on this gargantuan task, but they also look for outside sources to help them source and procure candidates, hence, the staffing agencies. Employing the help of a staffing agency can immensely help with the recruitment, but they can be costly so you have to ensure that you have the right firm to partner with. Here are the crucial criteria when choosing your staffing agency Abu Dhabi partner.

  • Industry they specialize in

There are staffing agencies that provide applicants and candidates for various positions. They are more of the generalist type of staffing agency. If you are looking for large number of candidates to fill different positions, then a generalist staffing company Abu Dhabi partner is the right one for you. However, it you are looking for a highly specific candidate with certain skills and came from a certain industry, choose a specialist agency firm. Everything really depends on your recruitment needs, so identify them first.

  • Selection process

The manner the agency select their candidate is important. It is a must that the selection process is rigid and strict even for rank and file positions. And it should not only focus on skills. The holistic check of a candidate‚Äôs profile should be done to ensure that they passed the qualifications set by the companies they will be referred to.  So check their selection process and ask what the criteria for choosing a candidate are.

  • Range of staffing services

Apart from sourcing candidates, what other services the firm can provide to you? Can they do an international scouting for foreign employees?  You need to find a firm that can provide a wide range of staffing service to serve not only your current requirement but also for your future recruitment needs.

  • Guarantees

Sometimes, no matter how rigid the screening process is, there are bad hires that still passed through the process. You need to ask your prospective recruitment firm what is their policy in the event that this would happen.

  • Database and reach

It is a must for a recruitment agency to have a wide reach when it comes to scouting. With a vast network and unique sourcing skills, they will be able to source and find more candidates that would match your needs.