Facts About Cakes

People live to eat cakes in Dubai. there are some of the most amazing cakes in UAE. We say this with confidence because we have seen some people living in a different part of the world and they order their cakes from Dubai. This is because the cake shop has made a name because of the quality and they have done good amount of marketing and advertising. The cake business has become one of many top businesses to do. There are men and women who are bakers and they have appeared in the Forbes 30 under 30 magazine just by making cakes.

This clearly means that if you want to become a successful business person, then you can start a cake business. We have seen some delivery companies who have made a fortune by just doing best cake delivery in Dubai. there are so many businesses associated with cake and that is why they are now on the path of success and they have no competition as well. If you want to open a cake shop then we suggest that you keep reading some facts about cakes.

We have seen tall cakes that can go as tall as 5 to 10 tiers but you will be surprised to know that the tallest cake in the world was 103 feet and 3 inches and it was made some school members in Jakarta and no one has been able to break this record. This gives a good chance to market about your cake shop.

We have seen celebrities buying some of the most expensive cake but if there was the world’s most expensive cake ever made and it was worth 35 million dollars and the theme of the cake was of Pirates Fantasy. There are cake competitions around the world and there was a recent trend called the Cakewalk and, in this competition, there was a dance competition and the best one would walk away with a cake.

The biggest cake in the world would not be easy to eat. And there was its existence it was made for Las Vegas centennial birthday and it weighed 6.18 tons that is the size of a fully-grown African elephant and almost the whole city had a taste of it as well.