Things you need to know about Montessori education

It is usually said that human beings learn more from environment than books. And this is true to a great extent. Because what we learn from books we forget after few months or few years but what we learn from our environment remains in our mind for whole life. So it is demand of education now a days that it must be given inn a way that the one must be able to implement his/her education in practical life. So, Montessori education is best for this purpose. It is even more important for growing minds of children. So you can find Montessori schools in Dubai for your child. You can also find nursery in sports city because both have same purpose. But before seeking Montessori school for your children there are some things that you must know. So in this article, you can find complete information relate to Montessori education. 

What is Montessori education?

It is child centered education in which students are being taught on the basis of scientific education. In this type of education, critical thinking is focused rather than learning from books. These types of teaching methods have been is use in whole world for about 100 years. In this type of learning, learning environment is created for children rather than compelling them to learn from books. 

Basic elements:

There are some basic elements of Montessori education on the basis of which this education is given to students. Some of these elements are given below. 

Age of students for this education:

Previously this education was given to children of age from 3 to 6 years old. But due to its fruitful results now the age limit for this type of study has been increased. And now this type of education is given to students of 18 years old too. 

Choice of activity:

As this type of education focuses on the mental capability of students so they are given choice to choose activity for learning of their own choice. 

Trained Montessori teacher:

As this type of study is different from conventional study so all sorts of teachers can not teach it properly. So every Montessori school has its own trained Montessori teacher.


In this type of education, students and environment are being focused. So environment is created in such a way students learn from environment.