6 Common Things to Know about Food Allergies

Most people suffer from common food allergy problem in their routine life. However, if it gets severe, it’s essential to visit a good health center and perform allergy testing on your body so you could know more about the allergy reactions and related foods.

Food allergies are found more in children than in adults as the children take more time to adopt certain foods in their life.

It’s also possible to undergo a DNA test in children to know better about the condition of their body. Many nutrition centers also offer different programs for children to help the mothers feed the right food to their kids.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 common things to know about food allergies to help people understand more about them.

1. Alarming Condition

A food allergy is an alarming condition of the body as it gets triggered by certain foods because of the abnormal immune response. These allergies occur when the body gets exposed to chemicals that cause inflammation and other symptoms in the body.

2. Symptoms

The symptoms of food allergies could vary from food to food and patient to patient. However, it includes swelling, low blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, poor respiratory and digestive system condition, and rashes. A severe food allergy can also cause anaphylaxis that can be a fatal condition.

3. Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances might include different kinds of food allergies but it definitely doesn’t involve the immune system. While it also depends on the severity of the symptoms as food allergies could even lead to extreme dangers and life-threatening diseases.

4. Types of Food Allergies

It could be divided into two types, IgE antibody or non-IgE antibody. These antibodies are a sort of blood proteins that are mainly used by the immune system to fight infection. The IgE antibody is released by the immune system while the non-IgE antibody isn’t released.

5. Common Food Allergies

Some common types of allergies include cow’s milk that is mostly consumed by the children and is used many different types of food such as ice cream, butter, milk powder, etc.

Other types of allergies include the use of eggs, nuts, seafood, wheat, food containing gluten, and many other forms of foods.

6. Suspect a Food Allergy

Have your blood checked and opt for allergy testing if you suspect some symptoms of food allergy in your body. Also, visit a doctor to diagnose your condition and level of allergy.