Stages of Dementia- complete guide

Dementia is a late age disease and it is characterized as short term memory loss. It develops slowly but then it remains with the person till death of that person. Because it is irreversible disease. It affects thinking ability, personality and daily routine activities of that person. It occurs after 60 years of age. But in Asia, it occurs after the age of 55 years. If you have any buy to let investments UK then you can make care homes on it. Dementia care homes London are increasing day by day due to increase in prevalence of this disease. But before making dementia care homes on it you must know about the disease so that you may add facilities in these care home according to the condition of patient. 

No dementia stage:

This is the stage in which symptoms are not shown properly to others. We can also say it pre symptomatic stage. It occurs due to aging and changes in brain take place but at this stage these are not affecting person’s thinking ability. 

Stage one:

This is the stage when Alzheimer’s disease is about to occur and the brain cells of persons start damaging. But symptoms of forgetfulness do not occur at this stage. This stage is also called no cognitive decline. At this stage, Alzheimer’s disease can not be detected. 

Very mild cognitive decline:

At this stage, the person starts to feel some symptoms of forgetfulness that are associated with aging. But only patient experience these symptoms and these are so minor that other can not detect these symptoms. 

Mild cognitive decline:

At this stage, the performance of person is also disturbed with the forgetfulness so the person can not concentrate fully on their daily routine activities. These symptoms can be detected by other persons too. This can also be known as pre dementia stage. 

Moderate cognitive decline:

This is also known as early stage dementia. Forgetfulness will be increased at this stage and lack of concentration will be more visible to others. So healthcare professionals can easily detect this stage.

Moderate to severe decline:

At this stage, the patient becomes unable to do his/her work by his/her own. So he needs assistance of others even for performing minor tasks such as eating, drinking etc. 

Severe cognitive decline:

At this stage, the person starts to forget minor things such as the person start to forget the names of family and friends. 

Very severe cognitive decline:

This is the stage when dementia occurs. And short term memory loss occur in this stage and it is irreversible stage.