5 Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the seven emirate of UAE located on the east coast. It is the only emirate lying along the Gulf of Oman instead of Persian Gulf. Fujairah is a source of attraction for many tourists due to its beautiful beaches, and Hajar Mountains. People from all over the world come here to explore its breathtaking beauty and historic places while staying over at beach hotels in Fujairah.

Here is the list of 5 places you should visit if you are travelling to Fujairah.

  1. Al-Budiyah mosque:

This mosque situated north to Fujairah is considered one of the oldest mosques in UAE. It is famous for its structural diversity and has 4 domes without minaret and prayer area facing mecca. It also has a huge cemetery with graveyards dated back to Iron Age. This site holds great cultural and historic importance to Muslims.

  • Fujairah Fort:

This fort was built in 1670 and is present along the coastline.  It is one of the oldest forts in UAE and has served as defense building and home for the ruling family in the past. It was attacked by the British in 1920 bringing severe damage to the side facing the sea. However, the fort is under the village heritage now and has recently gone through major reconstruction and is resorted to its former glory.

  • Fujairah Museum:

This museum was built in 20th century by its ruling leader and is situated in south of the fort. It contains great collection of artifacts dating from Bronze Age. It shows images of ancient cultivation and heritage and is an attraction for tourists who have interest in archeology. One of the prize possessions of the museum is the Ostrich egg dated back to 2500 B.C.

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

It is the second biggest mosque in UAE and is one of the major landmarks of the city been 100 m high and having 6 minarets. It can hold worshippers as much as 32,000. Unfortunately, you can only see its inside if you are a Muslim. Its entrance is not open for non-Muslims.

  • Snoopy Island:

It is located north of Fujairah city and is named after a famous cartoon character of its resemblances. This place is famous for its immense natural beauty and sea life. It is a one of the popular places for snorkeling and sea diving in UAE.

If you ever plan on travelling to Fujairah, these places should be a must on your list. See here now for more information.